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Since 1956

Located in Monrovia, California not far from Pasadena, NEFF Instruments has been a leading manufacturer of high performance data acquisition equipment since its founding in the mid 1950s by Glyn Neff.

From the beginning the emphasis has been on making accurate, low noise measurements of millivolt level signals generated by transducers. The very first products were focused on the need to avoid ground related errors. The result was differential input amplifiers developed with circuits which were found to be patentable. Products extend to complete systems but are designed using the lessons of long ago.

Engineering and manufacturing are overseen by professionals with decades of experience in solving measurement problems and assembling reliable instrumentation.

Neff was founded by instrumentation engineering professionals who have been helping customers solve their measurement problems since 1956. Our data acquisition products range from low-level multiplexed systems to high speed transient measurement systems and are all complete with signal conditioning.

Many digital data acquisition suppliers promote 'do-it-yourself' commodity systems. Although these off the shelf systems may serve adequately in some instances, demanding applications require greater instrumentation skills.

Superior quality also sets Neff products above other suppliers. We have an enviable reputation for quality in engineering design and manufacturing.

We continue to support our installations by providing new system, spare parts, and assemblies. We've also made provisions for repair and calibration services.




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