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System 471


  • Amplifier-per-channel multiplexed system
  • 64 analog inputs; expandable to 1024
  • Throughput rates to 10kHz
  • Fully guarded differential inputs
  • Complete line of Analog and Digital function cards
  • 10Mohm input impedance
  • 16-bit resolution including sign
  • Full scale inputs from +/-5mV to +/-10.24V
  • Voltage insertion, R-shunt and R-substitution
  • calibration
  • SCSI or IEEE-488 interface
  • 300V common-mode voltage, operating


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Function Cards

The NEFF System 471 (S471) DAS is a complete moderate-speed DAS for use in computer-based applications. The S471 is designed primarily for computer automated data acquisition in test facilities, laboratories and industrial plants or wherever a moderate-speed, high accuracy DAS operating in high common-mode voltage environments is required.

The S471 is designed to accept analog inputs ranging from +/-5mV to +/-10.24V full scale in 12 programmable steps with up to 300V common-mode voltage. Sensors such as strain gages, RTDs, potentiometers and thermocouples can be input directly to the S471 function cards thus eliminating any need for external signal conditioning.

S471 consists of a 7-inch high, 19-inch wide enclosure with power supply,
backplane wiring, I/O Control Logic printed circuit card, Analog Subassembly printed circuit card and 16 I/O card slots that accept any combination of S471 function cards. A Control/Display panel is optional and an expansion assembly is available to extend function card capacity to 256. The maximum number of channels or data points to be serviced depends on the type of function cards used.



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