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System 495


  • Differential amplifier and ADC per channel
  • 12 programmable full scale gain steps
  • 4 programmable filter steps
  • 1MHz channel sample rate at 14-bits
  • 250kHz channel sample rate at 16-bits
  • Memory to 64Msamples per channel
  • 1MHz aggregate real-time throughput
  • Dual speed clock
  • Programmable bridge excitation voltage
  • Bridge excitation read back
  • Shunt R Cal
  • Voltage substitution calibration
  • Optional 8 trigger module with associated
  • memory block and sample rate
  • GPIB or SCSI Interface


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Function Cards

NEFF's System 495 uses a proven widerange, guarded differential amplifier-per-channel technique with a dedicated high-speed analog-to-digital converter for each channel. In addition to storing data locally in memory, a subset of each channel's data can selectively be transmitted to the host for monitoring or recording at an aggregate rate of 1MHz. After the test, each channel's data can be returned over a standard SCSI or GPIB interface.

The System 495 samples and records very high speed analog transient phenomena at sampling rates up to 1MHz. Input signals can range from ±5mV to ±10.24V full scale with frequencies from dc to 200kHz. Data samples are temporarily stored in DRAM memory with a separate plug-in memory module provided for each channel in a choice of sizes - 1Mword to 64Mword. Each channel includes a differential input amplifier with 12 programmable gain steps, a 6th order low-pass Bessel filter with four program selectable cutoff frequencies and a sampling A/D converter. Both 14-bit and 16-bit A/D converters are available.

Pre-Post and Post only recording modes are supported. Programmable sample rates may be changed at trigger time.

Common memory and sample rate management circuitry is provided to control all channels.


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