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System 620/600


  • Programmable Gain Over the Full Dynamic Range
  • Automatic calibration
  • Preamps Include Programmable Filter


Click here for System 620/600
Function Cards

The Series 600 is NEFF's top-of-the-line data acquisition system providing the utmost in performance, accuracy and convenience. Featuring leading-edge technology and innovative design, Series 600 brings extensive automation and complete programmability to the testing laboratory.

The key to Series 600's high performance is the effective combination of fully programmable preamp/filters, programmable post amplifier, sophisticated microprocessor-controlled calibration circuits and the amplifier-per-channel data acquisition technique that realizes the lowest noise level and highest common mode rejection obtainable in a data acquisition system.

Programmable Gain Over the Full Dynamic Range
With programmable gain, test setup time is greatly reduced as is the bother and confusion of manual switch settings. In Series 600 the range of each channel is programmable from +/-5mV full scale to +/-10.24V full scale in 12 binary steps.

Preamps Include Programmable Filter
Two types of input preamps are available in Series 600 to allow both static and dynamic measurements. Both have programmable filter cutoff frequencies of 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz and 1kHz. Low-level differential preamps (620650 and 620654) have 2-pole and 6-pole Butterworth filters, respectively.

The sample and hold preamp (620654) permits simultaneous sampling of multiple low-level input channels and is used where minimum channel-to-channel skew is required. both preamps have fully guarded inputs and operate from grounded or floating signal sources.

Automatic Calibration
On command the internal microprocessor takes over control of the Series 600 and begins a sequence of steps to derive and store calibration factors for each channel. The calibration data is stored in on-board memories and during run mode are summed with the post amplifier output voltage to obtain fully calibrated signals for conversion by the ADC.

The automatic calibration procedure results in static accuracy of (0.02% full scale +2 uV) including the effects of gain error, offset, non-linearity and crosstalk for 30 days.


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