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System 730


  • Phase Shift Between Channels:Less than 1 deg; on low and medium ranges
  • Ripple in the Passband: Less than 0.005dB
  • Signal Bandwidth: to 14khz
  • Bandwidth/Sample Rate Selections: 108
  • Programmable combinations
  • Throughput Rate: 2M Samples per Second
  • Full Scale Ranges:+/- 5mV to +/- 10.24V
  • Overall Accuracy:+/- (0.02% FS + 2uV)
  • Channel Capacity: To 512 channels
  • Calibration: Automatic with built-in calibration supply
  • Transducer Conditioning: Built in
  • Transducer Configuration: Identifiable with 8-bit code
  • Input Coupling : AC or DC, Programmable

A new standard in acquisition
of dynamic signals

A complete system for signal
bandwidths from DC to 14KHz

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Function Cards

The System 730 represents a new standard in acquisition of dynamic signals by minimizing errors caused by noise, skew and phase shift.

If your testing environment requires correlation of data between channels, you need the System 730. Accuracy and reliability have always been the watchwords at NEFF. Now Continuous acquisition of dynamic data can be performed with the same confidence that has been instilled in the users of NEFF's products over the last 40 years. It is no longer necessary to pre-record data for later conversion and analysis; it is now possible to acquire and analyze data in real time. Advances in ADC and digital filter technology combine to provide an alternative to expensive and bulky analog filter solutions for signal conditioning.

System 730 eliminates the errors caused by phase shift and skew between channels while maintaining state-of-the-art accuracies of +/- (0.02% FS + 2uV).

Quality data acquisition systems include multi-pole filters to attenuate noise and prevent aliasing but skew and phase shift differences between channels can cause errors that eclipse the magnitude of all others. System 730 employs an analog filter to prevent aliasing but in addition is designed with digital filters to reduce noise and minimize data sampling rate.

The characteristic rolloff rate of the digital filter design is so steep, greater than 290dB per octave, that it permits the sampling rate to be only 2.67 times the frequency of the filter cutoff frequency. The result is a reduced load on the interface bus and less data storage capacity.

Each channel includes configuration-coded transducer conditioning, voltage and shunt calibration, high frequency common-mode voltage protection, programmable gain, programmable filters, and a 16-bit ADC.



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